About Jerry

Jerry Wayne is the union worker that went toe-to-toe with Joe Biden during a campaign stop in Detroit, Michigan in March of 2020.  Since then, Jerry has become a voice for those that identify as Blue Collar Patriots, as well an advocate for 2nd Amendment rights in America.  Taking on the mission of Don't Tread on Us, Jerry has become a voice for Americans.  

Jerry is passionate about making a difference in his beloved country, and will continue to be a voice for America as long as our 2nd Amendment rights are in jeopardy.  Jerry stands with those who feel government over-reach and tyrannical practices have gone too far, and will continue to remind our politicians that they work for us, WE THE PEOPLE.  

Jerry's goal is to bring our country together, not further divide it.  He is a firm believer that our Constitution is in place for a reason, and any infringement on that sacred document is a violation of our American rights and freedoms. 

Jerry lives near Detroit, Michigan, and is available as a keynote speaker and rally spokesperson, and is also able to make media appearances.   Contact him today to inquire.